Why It’s Important To Have a Meal Routine; Day After Thanksgiving Meal Plan

Have you ever eaten all day, or you’ve had a huge meal the night before, and you wake up in the morning and you are starving!

How is this even possible?! Shouldn’t your body still feel full with all of those calories left to digest?

If you guessed that it’s because your stomach stretched, well the answer isn’t quite that simple.

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What causes us to continue to feel hungry after eating a large meal?

Among many other important points, discussed in an article published by the BBC titled, “What eating a big meal does to your body”, written by William Park on November 2019, he discusses what really happens after eating a large meal and it’s not as I mentioned, your stomach “stretching”. If you’d like to read this article, follow THIS LINK

Park explores the aspects of our hunger hormones verses our sense of being satisfied. He also discusses that our bodies react to the environment, time of day, and other environmental factors that stimulate why we are hungry.

Naturally, eating large meals, all day long isn’t what many of us are doing on a daily basis. When we do this, we do experience an urge to partake in that same routine the following day. The key is to take back control, and recognize that continuing to eat in such a way is not contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

This is why it’s so important to have a meal routine.

When you can quickly get back on track from a day of eating or just one large indulging meal that throws you off, you are less likely to turn down the wrong path of continued bad behaviors.

It’s much easier to pick back up where you left off and get right back on track.

If you don’t have this routine in place, then I encourage you to take a look at THIS BLOG POST  where I walk you through the step-by-step process for how to create a healthy routine and start meal planning.

Get back on track after Thanksgiving!

I’m providing you with a Day After Thanksgiving 1 Day Reset Meal Plan to help you reset and refocus so that you are able to get back on track.

Not only does this meal plan include yummy, nutrient dense foods, these are foods that are common to find. I feel like I have found so many yummy healthy recipes and then am not able to find the ingredients or am unfamiliar with them. Which is super frustrating! 

Depending on your calorie needs, you may have to increase or decrease the portion size. If you are curious about your calorie needs or portion sizes, check out the Related Posts links below! These articles will also help you understand why I don’t have calories next to each of the 1 Day meal plan recipes.

Each of the recipes include amazing health benefits that are much needed following a day of a not so usual eating routine.

Turmeric – to help fight body-wide inflammation

Ginger – helps to settle your stomach, as well as suppress appetite

Cinnamon – helps with digestion

Chia seeds – help normalize blood sugar levels, rid the body of toxins, and cleanse the colon

Green tea – supports in burning calories

Sweet potato – supports digestion and healthy blood sugar levels, as well as anti-inflammatory properties

…and so many others!

If you’ve been considering how to improve your eating routine, take this opportunity to get on track.

Use this meal plan and then build out your future routine and plan. You can go HERE where I walk you step-by-step through setting up your own routine and even provide you a template to use. If you feel like you may need a little more support and want to include or may explore exercise in the future, I’ve designed a perfect Healthy Lifestyle Beginners guide including recipes and workouts, or you can complete the GET SERIOUS TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM which includes a series of emails and coaching support to help you achieve your goals.

Are you ready to get the Day After Thanksgiving 1 Day Reset Meal Plan?

I created this to help you bounce back after your day of indulging. You can use it over and over again or use each of the recipes in your future meal plans. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks and a dessert. My recommendation is that you eat about every 3 hours to keep your body fueled.

I hope you enjoy this meal plan!

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