Tips to Keep Your Toddler from Climbing

Climbing Toddler

Climbing Toddler

Leave it to baby number two to bring us all the excitement! Super chill infant, sleeps at night, takes great naps, eats great and then [insert screeching stop sound effect] …he found out how to walk, how to annoy his brother, how to pick up the dog water bowl, and how to climb!

We joked when I was pregnant with our second child that he will probably be a terror because our first was and is pretty good about staying out of mischief. Well guess what!? Our joke is slowly becoming a reality.

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You can’t turn your head before he’s over halfway down the driveway to wave at big trucks going by or to check out the cows in the pasture next door. When we set him down from the kitchen table, we have to race him to the dog water bowl so he doesn’t dump water everywhere. These are all pretty minor in comparison to his thrill of climbing.

Seriously why must they climb on everything? And of course every trick that worked with teaching our first doesn’t work with our second. 

So here’s what has seemed to work for us as our one-year-old is learning the difference of what is for climbing on and what is not.

Tips to keep your toddler from climbing

We find ourselves laughing at how our parenting reflexes have really kicked in with our second child and the Hint of Happy that has come from his unique personality!

Does your toddler climb? What worked for you to keep him out of climbing mischief? I can’t wait to read your stories in the comments below!

1 thought on “Tips to Keep Your Toddler from Climbing”

  1. Really needed these reminders! It’s great that they want to be just like us and do what we do, so I’m really trying not to stamp that enthusiasm and motivation out. But yes, climbing is one of those things that goes beyond annoyance and impracticality to potentially pose a danger!

    Thanks for sharing! Much love.

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