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When you first start exercising and eating healthy, it always seems that right away you start to see results. Actually in that first 2 – 3 weeks you really see and feel amazing things. Am I right?

These results keep you coming back for more and help you stay on track.

The problem comes at the 3 to 4 week mark. It’s like everything comes to a halt. The workouts that you’ve been doing become easier than they have been and the results don’t seem to be showing when you look in the mirror. The healthy eating isn’t giving you the energy you need for a workout let alone get through the day and you aren’t seeing results on the scale.

Now you are frustrated and about to give up.

And let me tell you, this doesn’t just happen in the first 3 weeks that you start focusing on a healthy lifestyle, this happens EVERY. THREE. WEEKS. And if you can’t overcome it, you will get frustrated and even feel like your body is regressing. So what has happened? You’ve hit a “plateau”, as we call it in the fitness industry.

Not everyone hits a plateau at the same time, for some it comes at 2 weeks, others at 4 weeks, but if you don’t know what is going on you will get stuck!

I know exactly when my plateau happens because I’ve been doing this for a really long time and every 3 weeks is when I get frustrated because the “awesome arm workout” I was doing just isn’t doing it for me anymore.

I just wish I would have used this bit of information much sooner for my personal benefit when we talked about it in one of my college courses!

Lucky for you, I’m going to help you understand it and how to use it to totally transform your results!

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How do I know when my body plateaus?

Having a consistent exercise routine and tracking it is crucial to knowing when a plateau is going to happen, and to be able to avoid it.

By having a routine and tracking it, you have an advantage because you can go back and look at what you’ve been doing and possibly identify when a plateau is going to happen.

If you keep the same, consistent exercise routine (Monday – cardio, Tuesday – strength training, Wednesday – etc.) and use the same workouts, it should be pretty easy for you to realize when the exercises become more easy to complete and you just aren’t seeing or feeling the results.

Get back to getting results

When I finally realized that there was something to being consistent with routine and that I would be able to notice when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted this was a game changer!

And the secret to getting more results! This is when it is time to change up your exercises! 

You will be more excited about workouts at every 3 weeks because you know that you will avoid plateauing and changing up workouts is fun.

This gives you something to look forward to every 3 weeks, rather than frustration. Your now able to make the change before you even hit the plateau!

Be prepared before plateauing starts

Another advantage of keeping track of your workouts and routine is that something that you did 6 weeks ago, may now work again.

I have 3 – 4 workouts that I like to rotate through and then every once in a while I throw in something new I’ve wanted to try.

When you rotate a few workouts every 3 weeks, you’ll see results from them and maintain the healthy body you desire.

This is also why having an exercise planner is so beneficial. You can go back and look at what you’ve done and are able to keep notes of any workouts that gave you great results.

Tips to finding out when your personal plateau happens

  1. Track your routine weekly, write down the results you felt/got from the workouts that week, use the 52 Week Exercise and Healthy Meal Planner
  2. Be routine about the workouts and order of the types of exercise that you are doing
  3. On the weeks that you feel no results, make a note of it, and see if changing up the next week makes a difference, then stick with your new routine for a few weeks
  4. Look for a pattern from your notes on how your workouts are going and when you need to make a change. Before you know it, you will know when a plateau is coming and be able to change your workout before the plateau happens!

Find 3 – 4 workouts you can use to change things up and get results

I mentioned that I have a good 3 to 4 strength workouts that I really like. Based on my goals, strength training is really where I have to change things up to maintain the lifestyle level that I want and avoid plateaus.

Finding a resource like the Hint of Happy Healthy Lifestyle page, using the 3 week Sculpt Workouts or the target area workouts and signing up for the Hint of Happy Newsletter to receive updates about new workouts and the Featured Workout of the Month, gives you several resources FREE to use, without having to dig through social media networks or fitness blogs to find good workouts.

3 Week Sculpt Workouts

Click here to see more of these workouts and choose which one is best for your goals. These are perfect for rotating to avoid plateaus!

Target Area Workouts

Click here to see more of these workouts and choose which one is best for your goals.

Do you know when your plateaus happen or is this something new to you? Let me know in the comments!

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