The Number One Must Have Mom Resource for Fun Ideas to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

As a mom working outside of the home, most of the time I feel as though we are either rushing out the door in the morning or preparing for the next day each evening, leaving little time to just sit and watch and enjoy the company of our kids. Any of you momma’s out there that have older kids that you are running around to keep up with their extra-curricular activities, I can’t even imagine!

Especially when I used to travel out of state nearly every week for work, I really looked to cherish every moment with them. People would tell me “you need to take more personal time for yourself” and all I’d ever think is, “I do that every time I leave for the airport for work”, and I still feel this way every time I leave to go to the office. Even though I see my kids each night and morning now, I still can’t get enough time with them.

I mean, isn’t that the point of having children? Or am I missing something?

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When we were on stay at home orders for COVID – 19 and the boys were home with my husband and I, it was amazing to see them grow and change within those few weeks. Now don’t get me wrong, I was happy to have them go back to grandma and the babysitter. Even though we are back to our morning and evening and weekend routine I cherish those moments with them even more.

I love nothing more than to watch them interact with each other or play by themselves and see their little creative minds work.

When it comes to playing with them though, sometimes I struggle to be creative with them or push aside the mom brain and stop thinking about everything that needs done around the house to really focus on being with them.

My husband is amazing at going with the flow and being creative with our four-year-old. I just am not.

The boys also get bored at home sometimes, and I love to find ways to mix things up for them. Our oldest gets excited about a special craft or doing something different just at home.

But let’s be honest, while mom brain has a million tabs open, coming up with these special ideas, even when they are relatively simple, can be hard. And I am all about taking the thought process out of things like this if I can!

Finding resources to help me play with our kids makes the time spent with them even more rewarding.

One of the most amazing resources that we have arrive in our mailbox every month, and sent to our oldest is the Highlights for Children – Kids Magazines, Clubs and Shop.

Yep! Remember those kids magazines that used to be at the doctor’s office in the waiting room? With the short stories and hidden pictures activities to help pass the time. Those are the one’s I’m talking about!

Thanks to the kid’s grandma for the subscription, we have this amazing magazine sent to our house each month giving us new stories to read, crafts and food making activities to do! I simply add any supplies we need for the crafts and food activities to our monthly grocery list  so that we can do these fun things together!

Not only do I get the special Hint of Happy time spent with my kids, but we create memories in the activities that we do. I love watching them learn and grow with new ideas that I would have never thought of.

The more we started doing with the  fun things in the magazine, the more I looked into what resources Highlights has online, and there are so many free resources or inexpensive one’s that have provided us with even more fun!

The Highlights@Home might be one of my favorite things to check out for activities to do at home. Many times the activities include resources that I already have at home or can improvise on.

Recently Highlights provided fun ideas around Camping In or Out Taking just throwing up the tent so much further than that!

Even better is how much Highlights  aligns with what Hint of Happy stands for, in finding little moments to really cherish and bring the happy into our lives.

Having all of these resources right at our fingertips is awesome! Here are the links to my Top 3 Highlights website pages and activities.


Learning Packs

Hidden Pictures Digital Play!


Our oldest LOVES receiving mail, so when Highlights arrives he gets so excited!

The best part is that the topics are appropriate for him because their magazine is age specific to the child’s age, ranging from age 0 to 12. With so many new stories and activities in each issue. Because my oldest is four, he receives the High Five, ages 2 – 6 magazine. But there is also Hello, ages 0- 2, and Highlights, ages 6 – 12

Finding new fun creative activities to do with our kids can be hard to do. With Highlights, I feel like the time spent with them is not a “to do” list, but actually spending quality time with them doing something fun that we all get enjoyment from.

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