The Magic Pill: Fat Burners

I talk a lot about the “quick fixes” that everyone is looking for when it comes to losing weight and being healthier.

Topics such as restricting foods, following pre-made diets, jumping on bandwagon trends and even following diets that require you to measure and weigh foods.

The tight restrictions and additional time that it takes to follow these dieting rules can become exhausting and frustrating.

Many times these frustrations take us to even look further to find the “magic pill” to help us achieve our goal body. With hopes that if this one little pill is taken every day, the weight will magically fall off and there will be no need to follow a specific diet plan or even exercise!

For years I even fell into this trap! Yes, for several years I religiously took Hydroxycut.

The bottom line is that these so called magic pills taken to burn fat, may provide some sort of support in reducing body fat and suppress your hunger, but over-relying on them is dangerous and it won’t completely help you.

If you don’t fix your poor eating habits and incorporate routine exercise into your life, you will continue to battle the life you want for the life you are living in regards to a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

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It may just not work.

Believe it or not, you can over-ride the diet pill too! While some can suppress your appetite, many increase your energy level and cause you to eat more, or crave more, and typically this can send you into binge eating less nutrient dense foods. Ultimately packing on more weight verses losing it.

I found myself in this rut. I’d take the pill as a mid morning snack replacement. So then I would be so hungry by lunch time that I would basically binge on so much food. Many times not even thinking about if the food was remotely healthy or not.

They can be very addictive.

Making the decision to use an enhancement product can be dangerous as well. They can be extremely hard to come off of if you decide you don’t want to take them any longer.

Even just the caffeine in many of them can make it tough to stop using them. I found this addictive type of situation to be the hardest part of stopping Hydroxycut, if I didn’t take a pill one day I’d have terrible headaches due to the need for caffeine.

They aren’t cost effective.

These types of pills can also be extremely expensive. Think about this. Hydroxycut costs about $20 for 60 pills. If you invested that money into healthier food choices and exercise routine, you could save at minimum $120 per year. You could also invest that money in a safer long term lifestyle decision by participating in one of the Hint of Healthy programs to make the changes you want for a lifetime.

Consider one of these programs:

Proceed with Caution

If you do choose to take an enhancement product, be mindful of what you choose by doing the research.

Also, look to partner the product with your transition into a routine of healthy eating and routine exercise.

Have a goal date to stop taking the product and slowly back off using it as you continue your healthy eating and exercise routine.

Consider this Instead

There are additional benefits beyond just looking great and fitting into smaller clothes when you eat and exercise correctly.

To name a couple, your skin looks better, you feel better through increased endorphins from exercise, and you aren’t locked into a pill that can’t provide you with these things.

I want you to achieve your healthy lifestyle, but I also want you to do it effectively and for the long term.

To support you on this journey I provide several ways to keep you on track, think of me as your own personal certified trainer – because I am!

  1. Sign up for the weekly Hint of Happy newsletter. This weekly reminder gives you an update on content to keep you focused at the end of each week around healthy eating, exercise, and well-being
  2. Check out the resources on the website. It is updated each month and also includes several FREE workouts and healthy meal ideas
  3. If you are really serious about making changes, look at the several program options that I provide you HERE.  All are much more cost effective, better investments, for those of you looking to focus on your health in the privacy of your own at home gym space and kitchen. Workout programs, guides to help you set up your exercise program and healthy eating routine, or consultations with me via email support or phone calls.
  4. Lastly, be sure to follow Hint of Happy, fitness and wellness  on Facebook and wrkouttmomma on Instagram

From personal experience, I really hope you think twice about using some sort of “magic pill”. They can be dangerous and they can be addictive.

Consider one or more of the ways that I’ve suggested that Hint of Happy can help you and focus on healthy eating and routine exercise to reach your goals.

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