The Importance of Drinking Water and Tips to Drink More of It

All about H2O!!!

One of the Hint’s I have given for maintaining your Healthy Calories Consumed plan is to “Drink Water. Lots of it!” So today I want to spend a little more time sharing with you about it in hopes that it helps you to drink more water!

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Personal Water Goals

For a long time, I wasn’t much of a fan of water. Now I aim to drink about 100oz a day! This really started when I was pregnant and then went on to breastfeed my first born. Water is essential for healthy body function, but couldn’t be more important for pregnancy and nursing.

I have a 20oz container that I take with me everywhere! Actually I have 3 of these. I say container because it’s not a water bottle, it’s Tupperware’s 2-Cup Quick Shaker. I like it because they are virtually leak proof so when I throw it in a bag I don’t have to worry, and when my toddler carries it around by the lid, I don’t have to worry about it popping open too quickly. I also like it because 20oz is easy for me to keep track of. I know that if I drink 4 of them while at work then I’ve had 80oz of water for the day – and that’s my goal.

Another great resource I came across was on Pinterest. I love Pinterest and you can follow my account by going here: Hint of Happy Pinterest. Pinterest is where I found this super fun site that has motivational water Bottles to help you track the water you drink through the day!

When I worked at an office in Georgia, one of my friends and I had a competition of who could drink more. We were both pretty competitive so it was definitely a challenge. Do you have someone to do something like this with?

At first, drinking plenty of water doesn’t come easy and you will have to go to the bathroom A LOT! But you will feel and see the difference after only a week.

Recipes for flavoring your water naturally

Another way to transition to drinking more water when you aren’t a huge fan or just want to switch up the flavor is to add fruit. For a long time I would add a couple wedges of lemon in my bottle in the morning and then just add water using that same wedge all day. In the summer, sometimes I add cucumber slices to the lemon.

The added benefits of lemon water aren’t too bad either, just to name a few:

  • Gives your immune system a boost
  • Aids digestion
  • Cleanses your system
  • Helps you manager your weight
  • Reduces inflammation

Natural Ways to Flavor Water

If you aren't into lemon, here are a few additional ideas for flavoring your water naturally.

Do you have any other ways that you like to flavor your water? Share in the comments below!

Tips for how to start drinking more water

As I said, it can be a challenge at first to drink a lot of water, but using these tips can help:

  • Drink 20oz of water in the morning before you consume anything else
  • Start by replacing one of your other drinks during the day with 20oz of water
  • When you are hungry, drink at least 4oz of water to make sure you weren’t just thirsty
  • Have a container to keep your water in and know how much it holds so that you know how much you drink throughout the day
  • Flavor your water to help you be more encouraged to drink it

And guess what!? The best thing about drinking water, is that it has ZERO calories!! Bet you can’t say that for the pop you are drinking!

Drinking water is so important and I hope that you can find this bit of information helpful as you work to consume more water throughout the day and reduce the number of other calorie loaded beverages you are drinking!

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