Steal this Trick to Keep Your Kid’s Clothes Organized

It starts as they are a baby and then only gets worse as they grow older, too many clothes and where do you put them all? How do you keep them organized, and do you hang them up or fold them? Then, put them in drawers neatly for them to only be destroyed within minutes and probably strung across your child’s room?


With both of our children we started by hanging up their little clothes in their closet. I even attempted to keep them organized by category: onsies, short sleeves, long sleeves… you get the point.

Hanging up clothes is tedious though too! Oh, and then to run out of hangers!

As my oldest got old enough to dress himself, we then had to get him a step stool to even reach his that were hung up. I also found it difficult for him to hang his clothes back up; this wasn’t going to help when I wanted to teach him how to put his clothes away.

Between a messy room of clothes, not wanting to waste my time hanging clothes up or folding them to just be unfolded again, something had to be done!

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I don’t know why it took so long for the solution to come to me, but it did. Why not put their clothes in bins?! As soon as the idea came to me, I was quickly ordering the bins and anxiously awaiting their arrival in the mail.

By putting the clothes in bins, they become easy to sort, so easy to sort that my four-year-old can put his own clothes away! This also makes it easy for him to reach his clothes and dress himself. When clothes are strung out across his room I can tell him to pick them up, and he can, all by himself because he doesn’t have to fumble with a hanger.

We don’t even fold them! I know, crazy but so true. None of the clothes he has come out wrinkly and the few nice shirts he has we do keep hung up so they don’t get wrinkles.

My four-year-olds room has never been more picked up consistently, it is amazing! And if he wants to change his clothes five times a day like four-year-olds apparently do, he can, and it doesn’t require help from mom or dad!

This worked so good for my oldest child’s clothes, I decided that with the few extra plastic storage containers I had, I would do the same sort of idea with my one-year-olds clothes. I labeled each of the drawers and moved his clothes into them accordingly. Again, success! It is simple for me and my husband to put clothes away and to get them out in the morning with no more sorting through hung up clothes to find a particular type of shorts or bottoms.

The bins pictured here work the best because we can pull them off of the shelf to dig in if we want, or when I’m putting his clothes away I pull them all out to just quickly throw his clothes in.

You could use a dresser with drawers or do something similar with plastic drawers or storage containers you have around the house like what I did with my one-year-old’s clothes.

If you are tired of folding or hanging up laundry or finding your kids clothes strung out across their room, I highly recommend bins for your kids to keep their clothes.

  • Decide how many you need. I have six bins for my 4-year-old. T-shirts, Long Sleeves, Shorts, Pants, PJs, and miscellaneous. Miscellaneous has dress up costumes, hats, shin guards, swim trunks, etc. in it. We put his socks and his underwear in separate smaller wire baskets I had already been keeping them in.
  • Order or gather up the bins and label them. It’s important to label them so everyone knows which bin to put clothes away in. This way you aren’t always the one having to put clothes away or resort them!
  • Talk to your child about what you are doing and why it’s going to be better for them. Include them in taking clothes off the hangers and putting them in their new places.
  • Ta-da! Organization and ease of use for everyone.

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