I help YOU find your healthy lifestyle!

I’ll help you get clear on your goals.

Create a simple foundation to a healthy lifestyle.

And support you through exercise and healthy eating changes that will last forever, letting you live your best life.

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Does this describe you?

You’re new to exercise and healthy lifestyle, and want to figure out what is best for you, but don’t know where to start to make the behavior changes to last a lifetime.

You’ve been exercising and/or eating healthy but are ready for some additional guidance to help you further achieve your goals.

You have the drive to reach your goals but aren’t sure where to focus your efforts.

You’re craving clarity in what your short and long term goals should be so you have put off beginning.

You are looking for the confidence to “show up” and get going on your goals.

I know what it’s like…

If you look at me you would think that of all people, I don’t know what it is like to be overweight or have never felt the need to sign up for a weight loss challenge or have a health coach of any kind, and you are right, I haven’t.

I’ve always been a pretty fit individual or by appearance, thin.

There are a couple of times where I came close to what you may be going through.

The closest I have ever been to feeling what some of you are going through day in and day out is from the body image course I took at Kansas State where we put on 35lbs of weights, and stuffed our shirts with pillows and then performed “daily” tasks (climbing stairs, tying shoes, fitting in a school desk, etc.) to experience how you may feel – and I didn’t like it.

I also nearly doubled my size when I was pregnant with my first child and experienced some of the side effects, such as high blood pressure that required me to be on bed rest for over 3 months prior to delivering him.

Getting back into the grind from this was tough and frustrating to say the least! I knew what my body was capable of, but after having a baby, (and a c-section), I had a new body with different capabilities to get used to!

Where I can relate to you is that my entire life, and to this day, I care about being healthy through nutrition and exercise. And in all honesty I care about what others think and how I perceive my body looks, and how my clothes fit and feel – and while we are being honest, I don’t know many people who don’t at least care what others think just a little bit. That’s human!

Having a mentor takes the guess work out.

Someone who has walked the path before you and is by your side, will make all the difference in putting together all the puzzle pieces of your healthy lifestyle, while also living your days along side your family and friends and their needs.

The key is to see the simplicity waiting to be revealed as we clear out all the excess and focus on you! For you to have someone to go to and ask those confusion questions. Everyone has different needs and goals when it comes to exercise and meal planning.

A one size fits all approach just won’t cut it if you are looking to make lifestyle changes that last. 

What we will do together:

We’ll begin by identifing the GOALS and MOTIVES that are bringing you here.

Then we will understand how to use the TOOLS and RESOURCES that Kylie provides you for long term support.

Next we will perfect YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, finding the right exercise and making the right suggestions for your eating habits.


Get Started Transformation Investment begins at

$270 USD

This six week mentoring program experience is perfect for you if:

You’ve tried other programs that give you quick results, but you always cycle back to your old habits

You need to address the lifestyle habits that you’ve developed over time and take a behavior change approach aren’t taking a behavior change approach

You want a baseline for developing healthy exercise and eating habits

Think you will need more? Checkout the 8 week program where you get 1-on-1 anytime support

Want more support?

Check out the 8 week Get Serious Program where you get 1-on-1 anytime support, review and recommendations on your exercise and healthy meal routines, plus a personalized workout!

What’s included?

6 weeks of support, guidance and accountability so that you can create routine that works for you

2 Weekly Guidance emails per week (that’s 12 emails total): to help you transform your motives into goals, and goals in to reality. Each week you will receive emails to keep you focused and help you continue to build a foundation for your healthy lifestyle.

Exclusive ResourcesHaving the right information to get started is important. As soon as you sign up, you will be sent exclusive resources so that you can get started immediately. Including goal sheets, planning templates and more

The Hint of Happy resources which include tools and updates on what’s new for you to access

Are you ready to improve your fitness and healthy eating journey?

Still not sure?

Take a look at the different options that Hint of Happy offers and choose what’s best for you or take advantage of the 45-minute Discovery Call and I’ll help you decide.

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