Partner Exercises and Workout

There are times we really need that extra push.

Someone to challenge us and bring us through a transformation.

Sometimes it’s just someone to be there with us.

Or someone to help us keep a fresh perspective.

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Having a workout partner can be that person to do those things for us.

Even when we don’t have exercises that need a partner, it’s always fun to try a few new moves and do them together.

This partner workout will give you a great workout while you have a little fun doing it!

Tackle this Partner Workout with a friend or significant other!

Scroll down to get the details on how to do each move.

This workout should be done 3x through and repetitions should be done based on what is noted on the workout card.


The only equipment you will need for this workout is a little space and a ball. The ball can be weighted or any type of ball you have at your house.

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Toe Taps

You can do toe taps on an even or elevated surface such as a step or aim for the handle of a kettle bell. Race your partner to see who can complete 20 taps first.

Squat to Chest Pass

To perform this exercise, you will need to be a few feet away from each other to throw the ball.

The person with the ball will squat down and then when you stand up, you will push the ball from your chest to throw it to your partner who is standing. The partner will now complete the squat and then pass the ball back as described.

Make sure that you squat back and that your knees don’t go over your toes. When you complete the pass, use your upper body and refrain from taking a step forward.

Plank to Reverse High Five

Begin by holding a plank parallel to your partner with a few inches in between you. Simultaneously open your chest out away from your partner into a side plank. Bring your outside arm and hand straight up to high five your partner behind you. This is one repetition.

Surfer Jumps

Both partners begin in squat position facing opposite directions. Simultaneously you will jump 180 degrees to face the direction your partner was facing. This one jump is one repetition.

Russian Twist Pass

Start by sitting back to back a few inches apart and slightly leaning back. To increase the intensity of this exercise you can raise your legs to table top position creating a V shape with your body.

One partner will begin with the ball and both partners turning to the same direction will pass the ball to each other then turn to the other side and pass the ball back. One hand off is considered 1 repetition.

Once you have passed the ball off in one direction 10 times, change directions to pass the ball 10 more times.

Be sure to sit up tall, keep your eyes looking up and out and your abs nice and tight.

Plie Squat and Throw

To perform this exercise, you will need to be a few feet away from your partner similar to the Squat and Chest Pass to throw the ball.

The person with the ball will Plie Squat down and bring the ball over your head and behind it, bending at the elbows. As you come up to standing you will throw the ball to your partner who will complete the same movement and then throw it back to you. One pass is one repetition.

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