New Year, Best You: Your Well-Being

Isn’t it amazing that you are completely unique to every being there is in this world? Even more amazing is that you have talents and ways to contribute that other people cannot.

Not one person is like you. You have the opportunity to design yourself both physically and mentally.

There are literally days I wake up and think – I seriously can’t believe where I am today. Contributing as the only person to support Learning and Development at a huge healthcare organization, where I have a seat at the table and am the subject matter expert. When I have days that I’m scared to death thinking that I’m so in over my head, I remember that I’m equip with the knowledge and support of people around me to do this!

What we invest in ourselves is what we become and how we influence the world around us.

This also speaks to who and what we attract.

Consider your Facebook or any social media feed, is it all about negativity and/or politics? or is it all about kindness, love, healthy living? If you notice one or the other, that’s a direct correlation with what you are focused on, what you are posting, clicking on, liking, etc. If you don’t like what you are seeing, think about what you are interacting with.

As we are rolling into a new year, focusing on the best version of yourself isn’t being selfish, when you are at your best, the world around you can be at its best.

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Really understanding what that means and how to become the best version of yourself can be difficult.

Why should we focus on it

Our well-being is fundamental to our overall health.

When you focus on your well-being, you are focusing on successfully overcoming difficulties and you are able to achieve what you want out of life.

What is well-being

Many things contribute to well-being, I like to reference 5 overall factors: connect, be active, keep learning, give, take notice.

When you incorporate elements of these five factors occurring in your life, you will see and feel the world around you pivot and you are able to become the best version of yourself. Each of these five factors give us room to create space, grow and influence.



To connect means networking, staying in touch with family and friends, understanding your purpose and connecting it with the things you do.

Be Active

To be active, you may be physically active, but this also includes being active and involved in the things that connect your purpose.

Keep Learning

To keep learning, you may also be the teacher or be the one being taught. Take new experiences, have a seat at the table where you participate and learn from others.


To do this, you are giving with purpose, what is meaningful to you. Give to what you connect to, but also giving back to yourself.

Take Notice

Do this both physically and mentally. Take time to experience new things in a different way, create space from the things that are constantly causing you pressure or anxiety and look at them through the view point of new perspectives. Take physical notice of how things make you feel.

Do not limit yourself on what these things mean, identify how they create purpose and well-being in your life and incorporate them accordingly.

Just like any goal, you must take one step at a time, day by day. You will see that incorporating well-being into your life difficult as you may have first thought.

What we invest in ourselves, is what we become.

3 ways to impact your well-being

Take note of these 3 amazing ways you can get a jumpstart on your well-being and keep the focus going all year!

Hint of Happy Facebook Page 28 Day Well-Being Challenge

If you are part of the Hint of Happy Facebook page, you have probably already seen the New Year, New You well-being challenge we are doing for the first of the year. If you aren’t a part of the Facebook page and want to join the challenge, you can go HERE

Each day a New Year, New You well-being post is made to help you kick of this new year and start putting small steps into practice.

The well-being focus won’t stop after 28 days. Each week we will continue to post ways to support your well-being.

Of course if you want to really ramp up your well-being focus, you can get the Well-being Calendar as a bonus item with the 66 Day New You Exercise Program. Check it out HERE

The social media well-being challenge

I love when people complain about their social media feeds being filled with “trash”.

As I mentioned in the beginning, your social feed fills up with what you interact with.

Even though some things will creep into your feeds, if you don’t interact with them, you won’t see more similar type posts.

So this challenge has you become more focused and aware of what you are interacting with.

Try only clicking on, liking or commenting on positive social media posts for 1 week and see the difference in you and what you see on your social media page!

Keep the Well-being focus going

Because well-being is such a holistic approach that influences a healthy lifestyle and allows us to be our best selves, the Hint of Happy newsletter dedicates one section each week to this focus.

If you are looking to find new ways to keep your well-being front and center, then I encourage you to join the many others who find this healthy escape each week by going HERE

Coming in 2021 Newsletter
New look coming in 2021 Newsletter

We can influence what is around us, when we take total control of ourselves through our well-being.

You know the page you want to turn and have a good idea of what you want the end game to look like by living a healthy lifestyle – feel better, look better, be stronger, think more positive, achieve a better level of well-being.

Get started today if you haven’t already!

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