My Top 5 Exercises To Put in Your Workouts

There are so many exercises out there to try. Over complicated, weird movements that sometimes you aren’t even sure if they are working.

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Over the many years that I’ve been exercising, I’ve found that there are some tried and true exercises that I always go back to. It’s almost like they work instantly – I realize the results probably aren’t that instant but, I do know that when used routinely, they work.

Here I’m sharing with you my top 5 go to exercises and encourage you to try them out and incorporate them into your workouts!

My Top 5 Go To Exercises

Upright row

This exercise gives my shoulders and upper arm that perfect curved muscle tone that is a must for tank top and swimsuit weather.

Skull crushers

Another exercise that defines my upper body and works the backs of my arms and chest. Helping me make sure that I avoid the armpit roll or that saggy under arm.

Toe reach across body abs 

This exercise targets all of those ab muscles. Strengthening the important one’s that no one sees but keep a tight tummy and torso strength, along with focusing on the oblique muscles and create a narrower waist. Plus adding definition to those more topical abs that everyone can see.

Curtsy lunge to dead lift

Okay this one is a complex move but all the same it’s done as one exercise and it works.

I always feel like many women forget about their hamstrings or don’t spend enough time on them and they are crucial to a well-balanced looking leg and supporting a great looking butt!

The Curtsy lunge targets right at my saddle bags and anytime I take them out of my workout I quickly find myself putting them back in. I’ve not found a better move that gets the job done.

Laying down leg extension

If I’m going somewhere in a dress or shorts, you can bet I did this move before I left the house.

Just like the upright row, it probably doesn’t work that quick, but it works. It gives those amazing shaped knees into the quads.

So make these 5 moves your workout or disperse them throughout your already planned workouts.

Either way, I promise you will see and feel results with these and keep coming back to them over and over again just like I do!

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