My Top 5 Easy Healthy Snack Picks

“Share your snack ideas with me!”

“I need new on the go food ideas!”

These two phrases are just the beginning of what I see on social media. Friends and family constantly looking for the easiest thing to pull together to eat.

We all know that breakfast, lunch and dinner are going to take a little more effort, even though there are some pretty quick ideas out there, some of which I provide on the Hint of Happy site.

Snacks on the other hand can come together a little more quickly, and you can avoid the crazy processed snacks that claim to be healthy if you know what to choose.

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I like foods that I can buy and/or make in bulk, for snacks especially.

Minimal prepping is always a plus too. There’s a chance that the minimal prep to my top 5 might just be a good bit of the reason they are my favorites!

Changing it up a bit helps to keep variety, but typically I prep at least 3 – 4 of one type of snack for the week. This makes prepping super-fast and decisions that would maybe slow me down kept to a minimum.

Nutrient Dense

It’s important for snacks to be as nutrient dense, whole foods as possible. Snacks should fill you up enough to close the bridge between one meal to the next but not be quite as big as your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A good indication that your snack isn’t providing you with enough nutrients is when you get to one of your main 3 meals and are feeling extremely hungry. This can cause you to over eat or make the wrong, less healthy choices later.


So often healthy foods get a bad rap about being expensive. None of my healthy easy snack picks are overly expensive. Each of them are extremely cost effective and easy to find in any grocery store.

Having a list of easy, go to snacks is a must for making healthy choices each day.

My Top 5 Healthy Easy Snack Picks

  1. Raw Almonds. These yummy, filling nuts are a must! A serving of 12 is perfect. My favorite thing to do is add a tablespoon of dried raisins or cranberries and dark chocolate chips with them to add a little sweet flavor to them. This is a perfect snack to hold off those afternoon sugar cravings.

  2. Hard-Boiled Eggs. I love that I can cook 6 of these and have 3 snacks ready to go for the week. I do 2 hard-boiled eggs per snack. These are a great source of protein to keep my energy up through the morning.
  3. Popcorn. Ok I know what you are thinking, popcorn? Yes! Popcorn. The catch is not coating it in butter! If you just can’t eat it plain, add a dusting of cinnamon or oregano or pizza seasoning. You can pre-pop a large batch of popcorn and portion it out for the week, or I like to find the “mini-bags” at the store to save on space in my lunch bag. Either way, this is a great snack to have to munch on. Check out the other flavor ideas below!
  4. Peanut Butter and Celery. This always stalls off my hunger. Choose any type of nut butter that you prefer and use 1 – 2 tablespoons. The key to celery and using it, is cutting it up. If I bring it home and put it in the refrigerator it always goes limp before I use it. So I immediately cut it up and portion it out into snack servings with my peanut butter.
  5. Cheese. Yep, cheese is another one that gets a bad reputation but in portions and moderation is a great healthy snack. The snack stick sized cheddar are my favorite, also because I can pack them in the kids lunches as well. The mozzarella wheels are also perfect for on the go and portion control. Add either of these with a few dried cranberries, dried cherries or almonds and you will be feeling full and healthy until your next meal.
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