Must Have Workouts to Overcome Workout Boredom!

I typically do the same sort of exercise routine every week. At least each month or every 3 – 4 weeks I find my workouts need something new. Aside from overcoming general plateaus, I just get bored with what I’m doing and need a workout to change up the pace of things here and there. 

Do you ever find yourself in this type of rut? It can become super discouraging if you don’t have a way to overcome it. And can even set you back!

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Overcoming workout boredom

To help with workout boredom, I look for new ideas, think about what exercises I haven’t done in a while, what type of results I want or even think about changing up the actual environment I’m doing my workout. Even little changes such as trying one new exercise or doing one that I haven’t done in a long time seems to help.

Each month I end up coming up with some sort of new workout for cardio, strength or active rest. When I do this, I feel excited to do the new workout and over 2 to 3 weeks’ love feeling and seeing the results from sometimes what was just a simple change.

This keeps me engaged with exercising and keeps me motivated to come back for more.

Featured Workout of the Month

Having a Featured Workout of the Month to mix into your routine makes it fun and exciting! Here’s the July Stars and Stripes Workout!

Do the workout with me!

I’d love to have you join me each month, using the Featured Workout at least 1 time a week.

Post in the comments who is with me and let me know what you like about the workout.

Each month when I post a new Featured Workout blog update share your results from the prior month! This will be so much fun to do together!

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