Monthly Workout Challenges for 2021

If you caught the blog post a few weeks back about overtraining you know my concerns about the stress and possible harm that the “workout challenge” trend so many post on Facebook and Pinterest can cause.

This past year I provided mostly full body monthly workouts with frequency recommendations and intensity options to help you use the workout correctly.

As we dive into 2021, I want to take a new twist on this monthly challenge concept, because as much harm as they can cause, when gone about the correct way, they can be fun and bring people together in a great way! I also mention this aspect in the overtraining post I wrote.

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2021 Workout Challenges

The monthly workout challenges in 2021 will focus on a muscle, trouble spot or area.

If you have a request for a particular muscle/area, put it in the comments on this post and then be on the lookout for when I focus on your suggestion!

Why this approach?

This approach is more than doing several crunches and squats every single day and overtraining the muscle.

The focus will be on the supporting muscles, rotating in different exercises and even including much needed rest days.

When you exercise with a more holistic approach, you go beyond just strengthening the target muscle or area and you decrease your chances of injury.

In addition, you will still be able to continue with your workout routine and exercises that you have planned. The monthly challenge I provide can be used in supplement to those plans or in some cases, can substitute.

For example, this month is going to be all about your core muscles. So I encourage you to ditch your originally planned abs/core exercises, and just use this month’s exercises.

When we focus on that perfect booty, you could decrease or replace some of your originally planned leg and glute exercises with the workout challenge exercises. Otherwise, workout as usual.

The other thing to keep in mind is the intensity of these exercises. I’m providing general guidelines on frequency, repetitions and if additional weight should be used, but you will need to also consider what is best for your ability. Over the course of the month, you should see improvements in each of these areas. 

If you need more information about ensuring the workout meets your fitness level go HERE.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the new challenge each month!

The best way to get it is to make sure you are signed up for the Hint of Happy newsletter by filling out the information above, so that it is emailed to you directly each month.

The other option is to check back on the Hint of Happy Healthy Lifestyle page  at the beginning of each month where it will be posted.

What will the exercises be like?

Most of the exercises you will be familiar with and will use minimal equipment. Most often if equipment is used, it will be dumbbells. 

Each month I will feature one of the exercises on the Hint of Happy Facebook page and in the Newsletter, providing a video so that you can check for perfect form.

You can also check out the library of exercise videos on the Hint of Happy Lifestyle page, as most of them are provided there.

Of course, if you run into an exercise you aren’t sure of, shoot me a message HERE  or comment below and I’ll be sure to get you a video for it.

Do these things to make each months challenge even more fun and competitive.

  • Get a friend to join in with you on the challenges
  • Share the challenge on social platforms, to have more people to join in with you don’t forget to tag @workouttmomma on Instagram and @HintofHappyfitnessandwellness on Facebook
  • Take before and after pictures and share them on social media, don’t forget to tag these as well
  • Stay connected to the Hint of Happy community by joining the Facebook page and if you aren’t signed up for the newsletter get signed up HERE 
  • Print off the challenge each month and cross out each day as you complete it

Here’s to strength, a more fit looking body, well-being and exercising safely!

January is all about core strength. Check out the January Workout Challenge below!

Click on the image to open up a printable version.

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