Indoor Cardio Workouts – Treadmill, jump rope, no equipment

When cold nasty weather shows its face, it makes the convenience of getting a cardio workout in without needing exercise equipment a little bit more difficult, or at least not as enticing.

I’ve actually been back to my indoor cardio workout for a few months now. It has been so dark in the morning when I get up to go run that I’m back to hitting the treadmill rather than the gravel roads.

If you don’t have an exercise bike, elliptical or treadmill or some other type of cardio equipment, finding a way to still get the cardio benefits can be challenging during the winter months when you are stuck inside.

Even when you do have cadio equipment, it can become boring to do the same workouts every time. Plus it’s beneficial to change it up with intensity through incline and speed to simulate the same results as going outside to exercise.

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Don’t get the winter blues just yet!

There are still ways to get those cardio benefits if you don’t have large cardio equipment. And if you do have a treadmill, there are all sorts of ways to undo the treadmill boredom and keep it fun during the winter months.

Let me share a few fresh ideas with you to keep you motivated and provide options to change up your cardio workout!

Treadmill workouts

So if you do have a treadmill, simply varying the speed and incline can keep your workout fun and your body reaching new fitness goals.

I also like to do side shuffling or walk backwards to change it up a bit and engage muscles differently.

Check out these two workouts for your future treadmill sweat session!

Jump rope workouts

I’m a huge fan of the jump rope and encourage this as a staple in anyone’s at home workout equipment toolkit.

Not only does a jump rope take up minimal space for storing, but it is versatile and gives an amazing overall body workout.

When you do a cardio workout with the jump rope, it takes less time to get the same results as if you were on the treadmill!

No equipment workout

Even if you do have a jump rope or any other cardio equipment, to switch up how you are getting your cardio in makes workouts fun! 

To me, there is no excuse in regards to not having the equipment or space to get a strength or cardio workout in. Sometimes you just have to be creative – and having a little additional knowledge helps too – which is part of what I love about sharing insight from my knowledge as a personal trainer!

Here are two workouts that will guarantee a good sweat session and keep your heart rate up to more than count as a cardio workout for the day!

I so hope this helps you fight off those winter blues that bring cardio boredom during this time of year! So which workout will you try next?

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    1. Yes!!! It’s so funny – I used to Jump Rope all of the time, but haven’t had one for a few years now. I just ordered one and can’t wait to start jumping again! Let me know how you like the workout!

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