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And just like that, summer is over and everyone is headed back to school and fall routines.

It’s funny how just like little kids, transitions can be hard even as an adult. It always seems that come the beginning of the school year or the beginning of summer these transitions happen and no matter how much we plan for it, there is still something hard about it.

To add to the mid-summer anticipation of what the fall would look like for us, we had our four-year-old’s preschool arrangements fall through a month before he was going to start! So scramble mode back to trying to figure out what to do with less than a month out!

Fall also brings football season, and since my husband is a coach, this always shakes things up for us a bit too. Both of these topics will probably formulate into future blog posts, however they are not the focus of today.

This is about, among all of that back to school chaos and new fall routine, to bring focus to YOU!

Yes, YOU and the exercise you so desperately know you need and want but struggle to find the time to make happen.

This is the time of year when you have to go back to the drawing board of your own personal schedule and routine and think about how you’re going to manage to keep getting the exercise you need.

This summer, since I’ve started exercising in the morning, I may not need to change much. With the cold temps and shorter days as fall turns into winter, I may have to change it up a bit to accommodate the days that I’ve been exercising outside. Either way, another change.

It doesn’t stop there either, because having the workouts you need on hand for each week and month of your routine is important too. Trying to think of which workout to do, what exercises you want to incorporate in to meet the goals you have for the next three weeks can be a lot of work too!

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So how can you make the transition easier and how can you get the exercise you need and want in?

You have to start with looking at or thinking about your new routine, where will you need to change things up, what new priorities will you have to accommodate and when does that leave you time to exercise?

When I stop and take time to think everything out and create a plan, my anxiety about the change seems to all fade and I find that fitting in the time I need to exercise is there. Everything seems less overwhelming.

Life is so much better when I stop and look at a week and write in the things we have going on routinely from week to week.

Even though things will get scheduled in and some things will need to be moved around, there are a lot of tasks and responsibilities that happen from week to week that will be the same.

This clarity sets me up for creating my Individual Exercise Routine so I know when I can and will fit in exercise.

The Workouts

What if I told you all you need is 3 – 4 days a week for 30 minutes? That’s not too much to ask right?

But what about the workouts? What exercises will you do?

When you only have this much time committed each week, you really have to make the best use of your time. The Featured Workout Challenge for August is the Back to School Workout, and is perfect for you to use the next three weeks to make the best use of your valuable time and to meet your strength goals.

Need clarification on the exercises? Check out the video!

When you sign up for the Hint of Happy newsletter you will not only be updated with a new workout challenge at the beginning of each month, you will be joining a community of people just like you.

You don’t have to waste your time coming up with a new workout every three weeks, you can use that time to actually exercise or do something else!

Transition is hard no matter what age you are.

Using these simple tips can really help you avoid some of the stress and anxiety that comes with change.

  • Set yourself up for success by writing out what the new week to week will look like for you and your family
  • Use the Individual Exercise Routine template to help you find when you will have time to exercise
  • Sign up for the Hint of Happy newsletter so you get the best information sent directly to you for not only great workouts, but healthy eating too!

Finding ways to make life more simple and easier to manage gives you more time to find the Hint of Happy in it all.

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