There are several different thoughts and opinions around “lunch”; mostly in regards to the question, “should it be the heavier of the two when it comes to lunch and dinner?”

The other challenge with lunch is making it healthy and nutrient dense so that you make it through the afternoon. If you work in an office, having the temptations of the office meals or going out to eat can be a challenging as well.

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There are two things I base the foundation of creating a healthy lifestyle on

1. Total calories consumed – 2. Total calories burned = body weight

For a general healthy lifestyle, it is more about keeping a balance throughout the day to ensure you have the healthy fuel from the foods you eat to keep your body working in a healthy way. The time of day you decide to eat a larger meal is really not dependent on this unless you need more fuel at a particular time of day.

This is a lifestyle that you have to commit to, if a heartier lunch works for you then go for it, if not, then have it at dinner.

You can read more about this in the Personalized Healthy Lifestyle Pan: Panning and Routine and the Personalized Eating Plan posts.

So, with these things in perspective, I generally eat a little lighter at lunch than I do dinner; however, if my lunch is heavier, then I’m mindful to have a dinner a little on the lighter side.

4 Simple Tips to Ensure a Healthy Lunch Every Time

  1. Make sure foods are nutrient dense. To overcome the office pressure or the business of the day and still make sure you have a good nutrient dense lunch you really need to make sure you do the prep and routine.
  2. Find go-to recipes that make enough for 2 – 3 lunches for the week. What I have found to be the easiest “go to” lunches are salads that I can prepare on Sunday and have portioned out, ready to go for each day. I say they are the “easiest” because you prep them one time and they make up several lunches for the week. Another option I really like for lunch is making bento box type lunches. They are easy to prep and are filling and satisfying. They also can be made up to travel easily.
  3. Use leftovers. A great strategy for not over eating at dinner is to portion out enough for lunch prior to placing the rest of the meal on the table for dinner.
  4. The last tip I have has been said repeatedly but is worth saying again – PREP YOUR MEALS!

3 Go-to Recipes for Healthy Lunch Prep

Chickpea & Tomato Salad recipe shown below

Get from Hint of Happy under the Lunch Recipe section:

Quinoa Salad

Bento Box 

I challenge you to take a look at what you are eating for lunch.

Do you have a plan?  

Does it include powerhouse nutrients similar to the salads named above or is it a quick run to the sandwich shop or daily dining out with co-workers?

Could you start up an office group where everyone brings their lunch to work, even 1 or 2 times a week, to help keep you on track and from eating an excessively high calorie meal? I bet you’ll save some $ too!

If you are really having trouble with this, I encourage you to consider setting up a FREE Discovery Call with me and we can talk more about your goals and see if one of these programs is right for you. 

Or if you aren’t ready to fully commit check out the Healthy Lifestyle Guide to get take a small step in working towards better health. This guide includes recipes not only for healthy lunches, but also snacks, breakfast and dinner. You also will find meal planning and exercise broken down and explained further to help you develop your own personal healthy lifestyle plan and routine.

Insider tip: If you want help with the guide plus a little extra support, the Get Started Transformation would be great for you!

Comment below to let me know how I can help you. I’d love to have you share what results you see from focusing on your lunch and making it healthier!

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