How to Put Together an End of Summer Fun Bag

Summer is coming to an end and it always seems that at this point they start complaining about being bored. The newness of outdoor activities has worn off and parents and babysitters need something to keep kids entertained.

The other struggle is, that in Kansas and throughout much of the country, August is still really HOT!

Kids seem to wear down a little faster if they have been out in the heat, especially if they don’t have anything to keep them entertained or to break up the routine.

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This is the perfect time to help the babysitter, or yourself, get a little break and surprise the kids!

No, I’m not talking about a last minute tropical vacation, while that would be nice! I’m suggesting something a little more feasible – a bag full of fun!

This is something you can send with the kids to the babysitter or put together for them to open at home.

It includes games, snacks, crafts activities, and anything else you can think of that your kids would enjoy doing.

I like to look for ideas in our Highlights magazine or check out their site for ideas as well.

If you don’t order everything on-line, there are great summer outdoor sections at Walmart or Target for kids and they usually have some fun ideas too!

The great thing is, you don’t have to include a ton of stuff and you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Even a small bag can bring excitement and fun!

Here’s what you need for a medium sized bag of Summer Fun!

Gift bag or small to medium sized tote

Little Debbie snacks or other treat they don’t typically get

Juice pouches


Water balloons or small water guns

Bubbles or sidewalk chalk

Rock painting kit or play dough

Anything else you find or think would be fun!

end of summer

So get on Amazon or head to your local store and pick up a bag full of fun!

Your babysitter or you will thank you and so will your kids!

I’d love to hear what additional ideas you include in your End of Summer Fun Bag in the comments below!

Pictured is what we are sending to the babysitters!

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