How to Make Shirts for the 4th of July with your Kids

It’s time for another holiday celebration and everyone is expected to have their kids dressed in matching holiday appropriate attire.

I used to think/be this way – order or go shopping – bells and whistles, and then maybe it’s because we had baby number two, but I was over it.

Sure, I’ll pick up the cute shirt here or there, but why do we stress about this type of thing? Is dressing my children in matching holiday gear where the happy really comes from? And does that bring so much happiness that it’s worth my stress to get a few good “awe” or “so cute” or heart emoji’s on Facebook? Those bring such a temporary happiness and long term, don’t fill our cup, rather leaving us empty.

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Where does the true happiness really come from?

The excitement of the holiday that approaches us, spending it with family and an extra day off work to be with my husband and kids, and the memories we make during the holiday time.

To drop the stereotype expectations, this year I decided we’d make 4th of July shirts! Creating a memory and experience! And what’s more fun that wrangling a 1-year-old with paint?!

When we focus on the things that cultivate the happiness we are rewarded with the memories and the emotions that last much longer than a Facebook post.

Here’s how we made these super cute 4th of July shirts!


White cotton t-shirts

Cardboard or parchment paper to put in shirt

Red fabric paint

Blue fabric paint

1. Put cardboard or parchment paper inside of the shirt to keep it from bleeding through

2. Using the blue paint, brush, or use your finger, to cover your child’s fingers and palm of hand with blue paint, then press the hand down firmly on the shirt at about chest level

(our youngest wasn’t too sure about the paint on his hand at first)

3. Using a different paint brush or your child’s finger, paint red stripes across the chest of the shirt to create the rest of the fag

4. Let your shirts dry

4. Wear your new design!

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What are you focusing on during the holidays?

Is it the running around, striving to be picture perfect? Or is it about the intentional moments and experiences you have with your family?

Find the Hint of Happy in your life and tell me how you create intentional moments during the holidays in the comments below.

I’d also love to see your kids shirts once they are completed!

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