Healthy Rice Bowl Variations for Dinner

Meeting everyone’s tastes preferences when planning dinner is sometimes a daunting task. While I don’t typically make special meals for everyone, it’s nice when it’s a meal that everyone can customize to meet their preferences.

Rice bowls have become a near weekly staple in our dinner rotation. They can please everyone’s tastes buds, provide versatile options and are super easy and relatively quick to put together from a prep stand point.

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What are rice bowls?

At our house, rice bowls are made up of 3 staple ingredients:

  1. Rice of your choice, I typically use white since the boys aren’t too keen on the texture of brown
  2. Protein such as fish, shrimp, chicken or beef
  3. Veggie and sauce toppings

How to make and assemble rice bowls?

Making rice bowls is fairly simple.

For the rice, you could use the boil in a bag rice, which I LOVED when I was in college for a quick smaller portion of rice, or you can make rice on the stove or, how I make it is with a rice steamer. I use the directions on the bag of Jasmine rice that I purchase, plus the rice steamer instructions.

For the protein, based on the type of rice bowl you are making you should cook your protein accordingly.

Since I prep chicken for the week by boiling it, for chicken fajita bowls, it’s as simple as slicing the chicken and seasoning it with fajita seasoning as I reheat it in the skillet.

Protein Ideas:




ground beef, venison, turkey


sliced steak or stew meat


Next up is to prepare the toppings that we want to have with it. Here are a few topping ideas:


fresh or cooked peppers

cooked onions

cooked mushrooms


sweet corn kernels

black beans


cream cheese




Teriyaki sauce

Yum yum sauce (this recipe is amazing!) 

BBQ Sauce


Bleu Cheese

Thousand Island

Soy Sauce


Assembling them is really up to each individual once the ingredients are laid out.

I think it’s pretty obvious, but it starts with a bowl and putting rice in the bottom of the bowl. From there I typically put in my protein and then add in the toppings that I want with any sauce.

Rice Bowl Recipes

Here are a few of our favorite variations. You can make them as I’ve described them, or you can switch out and add in toppings and variations of your preference.

There are many times that I use this as an opportunity to clean out the refrigerator. Using leftover meat or veggies to create different rice bowl variations. 

Chicken or Steak Fajita Rice Bowl

chicken or steak sliced

Worcestershire sauce

mushrooms cooked

onions cooked

bell pepper cooked

shredded cheese

sour cream

Salmon or Shrimp Sushi Rice Bowl

salmon or shrimp

yum yum sauce

teriyaki sauce


cream cheese 



Burrito Rice Bowl

ground beef, turkey or venison

black beans

whole kernel sweet corn

shredded cheese

sour cream

BBQ Shredded Chicken Rice Bowl

cooked shredded chicken tossed in BBQ sauce

whole kernel sweet corn


cream cheese

Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl

chicken tossed in Teriyaki sauce


I’d love to hear about your rice bowl variations and to try them! Share in the comments!

This is one of our recent “Rice Bowl Nights” where I just pulled together what I had on hand. 

Salmon, avocado, tomatoes, green pepper, shredded cheese, teriyaki sauce and thousand island

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