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This number tells you that if you laid in bed all day and did absolutely nothing, this would be approximately how many calories your body needs to do the involuntary internal processes to stay functioning.

Since we all typically get up out of bed every day and at least walk from our beds to the bathroom and kitchen, etc. you could assume that you may burn a few more than just the number calculated.


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Hint of Happy Healthy Lifestyle

I want to simplify healthy eating and exercise for you, with planning and creating a routine. Sharing ways to find and make changes that are manageable for you.

Making these things part of your life, not something you are constantly dwelling on or stressing about.

I guess you could say my real passion is exercise and helping people navigate the world of exercise for the reasons of being able to do the activities you want to do, to feel and to look your best.

My career over the past several years (we won’t do the math) has focused more on helping people in the aspects of personal development, but I continue to get questions about exercise and healthy eating tips, which is why I decided I really need to go back to what I love.

It’s also why I created this easy to use beginners guide to a Healthy Lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is definitely a big part of my daily Hint of Happy! 

I started exercising a lot in high school, our summer weights coach was willing to let me tag along with the boys (at the time girls lifting wasn’t as common as it is now) and when I proved I could “hang” no one even blinked an eye at me participating every morning in the workouts.

How can I relate to you?

If you look at me you would think that of all people, I don’t know what it is like to be overweight or have never felt the need to sign up for a weight loss challenge of any kind, and you are right, I don’t.

I’ve always been a pretty fit individual or by appearance, thin.

The closest I have ever been to feeling what some of you are going through day in and day out is from the body image course I took at Kansas State where we put on 35lbs of weights, and stuffed our shirts with pillows and then performed “daily” tasks (climbing stairs, tying shoes, fitting in a school desk, etc.) to experience how you may feel – and I didn’t like it.

I also nearly doubled my size when I was pregnant with my first child and experienced some of the side effects such as high blood pressure and it required me to be on bed rest for over 3 months prior to delivering him.

Getting back into the grind from this was tough and frustrating to say the least! I knew what my body was capable of, but after having a baby, I had a new body with different capabilities to get used to!

Where I can relate to you is that my entire life, and to this day, I care about being healthy through nutrition and exercise, and more so, I care about what others think and how I perceive my body looks, and that is a personal challenge of acceptance that we all have to overcome and work to accomplish.

What knowledge and experience do I have that will help your success?

Aside from my personal experiences, I have a BS in Kinesiology, I hold a Personal Trainer Certification from the American Council on Exercise, higher education in Physical Education and hands on work as a Personal Trainer with strength and weight loss and healthy lifestyle clients of all ages and experience levels.

In addition to exercise, about 5 years ago I realized that just exercising wasn’t working to keep me in the shape I wanted to be in or feel the way I wanted, so I started eating more clean than I ever had. Not compromising to give up foods that I like, but reevaluating my eating routine so that I wasn’t constantly thinking about food, over eating, or trying not to eat food. This meal planning template helps me plan every week.

Clearly with my background, exercise is what I have always believed would keep me healthy and make myself look “better”, the year before I had my baby changed that. I am not a nutritionist, but what I will tell you is that the saying “abs are made in the kitchen” is VERY true. And what I will tell you, is that exercise will assist in losing and maintaining a healthy weight and is just as important as the foods you fuel yourself with.

Why I am excited about being a part of your Healthy Happy?

Each person will find different ways to reach your goal and will all have slightly different goals. But the “Hints” I plan to share with you and will all bring results that will be self-defining to your life. And I can’t wait for you to follow along and share my experiences and for you to share your experiences with all of us by commenting on the posts!

Understand the goal and the philosophy. Make it a lifestyle NOT a trend.

My goal is to share my knowledge and experience in creating lifestyle changes so that you can live and sustain a healthy life. First you must believe in you and in the process.  Crashing to lose weight will not benefit you, but will hurt you – trust me, I know this. I used to basically starve myself all morning thinking that if I could make it to noon hardly eating anything I would get skinnier and then I’d end up eating so much to make up for the needed calories in the afternoon and evening. You don’t have to feel hungry all of the time – be happy – eat food!

And working out like crazy won’t make the long term difference either!

Having a plan and routine will make a difference; get the exercise planner that I use to make it simple. There is no self-reward in those other methods; you end up back at square 1 or worse. Reaching your goal isn’t going to happen overnight, but slow and steady (and being very committed to the process) will make you feel better and be healthier and soon you will reap the benefits!