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If you have read any of my other blog posts, you know that much of what I blog about is healthy eating and exercise. I share tips and provided exercises and workouts to help you transform your behaviors into a healthy lifestyle.

But there is an essential element that I want to share here, that will help you stick with your healthy choices.

Many people want a quick fix to a healthy lifestyle; a list of foods to only eat and a list of foods to never eat, a prescriptive exercise plan and someone to tell you exactly what to do.

This starts off really nice and easy and for maybe a day or two or if you are really tough, a week goes bye, and then suddenly you get tired of the strain it puts on you to conform into something that is completely opposite of who you are. And what do you do? You quit.

If you are like I was, you thought, “if I just take all of the healthy tips and tricks and use them, I will lose the weight I want and look super fit.”

Unfortunately, I can tell you from experience that if you want long term results, that won’t work. I’m not saying that those tips and tricks aren’t good and useful and that they won’t give you results, because some of them definitely will help, but you have to have a foundation that you are able to stick with first.

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To be successful you need some sort of accountability and support. This plays out true in most all of life if you want to do something. 

It’s true that choosing the “right” friends based on your values and decisions, make it easier for you to live a life true to who you are, and this is in line with making healthy decisions.

So let me share with you:

The Hint of Happy Support System

Why do you need a support system?

Find your support person

The Hint of Happy Support System

Well this seems obvious! But just to be clear on what support you will continue to get from this community:

  • Hopefully you’ve already joined the Hint of Happy community by signing up for the newsletter where you will get updates on new blog posts and Healthy Lifestyle page updates including recipes, workouts and Best Products. If you haven’t, be sure to do so!
  • If you have a comment or want support from the entire Hint of Happy community, you can always make a comment under a blog post 
  • And you can always email me directly by going to the Connect  page of Hint of Happy

And now that we covered the obvious and you are signed up for the newsletter 😉 let’s talk more about support for your day-to-day, at work, family, friends and whatever else and whoever else is in your life!

Why do you need a support system?

To some of you this may sound kind of silly – like come on, I don’t need a support system. Hey, I get it, and would probably be thinking the same thing. But let me ask you something, “do you ever have situations in your life where you want/need to do one thing, but because someone around you wasn’t fully supportive of it, you just didn’t do it?”

For example, this situation happens to me every weekend almost. Saturday morning comes (I prefer to work out in the morning, just get that over with!) and the kids need things, I have tons to catch up on around the house and/or I just want to not do anything because all week we’ve done everything! As soon as our youngest goes down for his morning nap, I go straight to my workout.

I say to my husband, “I’m going to workout, go for a run, etc.”

And do you know what he says, “Yep go get it done.”

He knows how important it is to me personally and to my overall well-being.

And thankfully I have a plan and a routine so I know what exercise I’m going to do and when I’m going to do it, but if I didn’t I would definitely be skipping out on more workouts.

Can you imagine if he said, “come on you don’t need to do that”, or “why do you have to do that?” It would make motivating myself so much harder to even get started.

So no, I don’t have some big community of people (well until you all joined Hint of Happy), a gym to go to or a best girlfriend to hold me accountable, I do that for myself. But some of you may need that! Especially as you are getting started.

Let me tell you about one of the hardest environments I have to overcome in staying committed to my healthy lifestyle – the office. About a year ago I went from working from home/traveling to working in an office Monday through Friday.

One of the [many] great things about working from home is that mid-morning I would need a brain break from sitting at my computer for about 3 hours already, so I’d workout at that time. Now that I work in an office, and even though it’s been almost a year since being here, I’m still working on finding a good routine, lately I’ve been getting up at 5am to workout before I come into work. There are sometimes that I bring my clothes to change into and go for a run mid-morning like I used to do when I worked from home.

The problem is that the environment isn’t supportive of this – not that the people are or aren’t supportive, but to be disciplined to step away from what I’m doing, change and go sometimes is really hard. Even though it’s my “lunch” time, it’s still hard when everyone else is in the office.

The other catch of working in the office is all of the “snack” foods available. I’m not even kidding when I say that the break room is less than 10 steps away from me. This makes refilling my water extremely convenient, but the self-control I have to have in not grabbing a piece of candy or a cookie, or whatever else is available is tough!

So if you can find someone at work and outside of work to share your goals with and encourage you, it will make things just that much easier to stick with and eventually, be so much part of your lifestyle that you won’t even bat an eye at the candy laid out.

Find your support person

Today, I want you to identify one “go to” support person.

This may be me or your gym buddy, a friend or a family member.

This person must be someone who can talk you through sticking to your plan and routine.

Down the road they will be the person who can keep you from eating/buying the “wrong” thing and motivate and encourage you to get to your workout.

Maybe you tell them that they are that person or not – does my husband know that he is my exercise accountability support person? Well I guess if he reads this post he does now…but more than likely he just knows that for me to be happy and healthy I need to exercise and he supports it without us even saying. 

If you do tell them, share your preparation and routine plan with them. Maybe even have them do it with you a time or two so that they really understand what you are doing and why – teach it to them!

When this person knows and understands your “why” to doing what you are doing they will be even more supportive of your healthy lifestyle changes. You can share your goals with them and they can hold you accountable to those goals.

One last thing to share:

I’m one of those people that likes to keep things to myself. Confront the challenge and “prove that I can do something”. I don’t need to blast my goals from a billboard, I just know that what I do will speak for its self – be that a big project at work or keeping a healthy lifestyle. 

Maybe you are the same way but still need someone to help you stay accountable, guide you to see results even faster and who knows the ins and outs of exercise and healthy eating. If you are that person, then I would love to help you! Let’s chat on a FREE consultation call and decide what is best for YOU to get the results and have the support you want and need to reach YOUR goals. 

Right now is especially difficult to get into a gym comfortably and to work with a personal trainer – I think you will find that you can better spend your time and money with my support. So let’s set up your first call and decide together!

Comment below who or where your support comes from or share where your biggest challenge is. Do you struggle at the office too?

I’d love to hear from you!

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