Fat Loss and Trouble Spots

Extra weight on your thighs, around your tummy, or even through your shoulders and arms is frustrating.

No matter where that extra fat is hanging out on you, doing exercises in that area to target it isn’t going to really give you the transformation you are looking for.

To tell you the truth, while doing target exercises may show some improvement, there is still going to be that layer of fat that just continues to stay.

Target exercises build and shape the muscle, but won’t spot treat the fat hanging out there.

So what does it take to get that fat layer to move out?

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If you are exercising, you have one of the components. It also takes eating a nutritious diet!

Simply put, exercise and eating healthy are both needed to improve target and overall fat loss.

And why do we focus on the exercise many times before focusing on the nutrition side of things? Because most people find the exercise piece much easier to do than the nutrition piece.

Another secret to this, is doing the right types of exercise to support the fat loss.


So let’s talk about each component, starting with exercise.

I could go deep into the anatomy of this, but my goal with anything I give you is to keep it as simple as possible. Two different types of exercise support fat loss: strength training and cardio.

Cardio burns fat during the exercise and some thereafter while your heart rate is elevated and recovering. Strength training builds muscle which burns fat while you sleep, sit at your desk and so on.

Both cardio and strength training are necessary for effective fat loss.

Many times you will see workouts that combine cardio and strength training, this is known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

So what’s best?

When it comes to putting together workouts for the Hint of Happy community, many times I like to start with a baseline of strength, include cardio separately and then over a couple of weeks add in HIIT.

My reason behind this is to ensure that we have a good foundation of strength and cardio to build up and make us ready for the intensity of HIIT. This approach also includes leveraging the effects of periodization, the need to change up what you are doing to continue to see results. We will be doing something similar to this in our Summer Body Workout Program.




The second component to fat loss is eating healthy.

My approach to nutrition differs a little from many health coaches. Many of the programs out there will call for you to count numbers, restrict your diet, skip meals or fast, and my approach does none of that.

I lived in the restricting, skipping and fasting world for a while and all it does is make you hungrier leading to a binge session, or more infatuated with food so you are eating all of the time, because all you are doing is thinking about food. Ultimately it can lead you to storing more fat than losing it.

None of that supports what the Hint of Happy Healthy Lifestyle is all about.

The Hint of Happy approach is simple. Eat healthy, nutrient dense foods 5 times a day. If you are craving a particular food that isn’t highly nutrient dense, then enjoy it as one of your 5 meals, but don’t over indulge or make it a daily habit.

Honestly, simply put, it’s really that simple.



What should you focus on?

Losing the weight in those trouble spots can be very challenging.

Most of the time those are the areas that the weight just hangs on even when we’ve been focusing on nutrition and exercise.

We get frustrated because “the weight just isn’t coming off anymore”, and we start to give up.

Don’t give up! Hang in there because you are so close to being right where you want to be.

If you feel you are close or struggling, go back and look at the two areas I’ve covered here: Exercise and Nutrition.

Are you doing 20 to 30 minutes of cardio? Is it the same type of cardio you started with?

Are you strength training only that trouble spot area or do you have a whole body approach?

If you are needing the support to change it up a bit, check out the Hint of Happy Exercise page or one of the amazing programs to help you. 

Determining what foods are nutrient dense, finding the right recipes and sticking with it can be difficult if you haven’t done it before.

I can empathize to that.

So where do you find those things? Have you started by checking out the Hint of Happy Healthy Eating page? There are great recipes and ideas shared there!

While you can’t specifically target losing those saddle bags or belly fat, you can focus on overall fat loss, which will contribute to losing fat in those trouble spots, through healthy eating and exercise.

You can target the areas you desire to trim down by building up your muscles in those areas, so as you lose the weight you will see a more toned and defined muscle as the fat disappears.

What about those days that pull you off track?

Another thing that happens when you work on a goal like this is a day, weekend or week of derailing.

You know what I’m talking about, a birthday party where you over indulged and went off track or a week vacation where you just let it all go, and then coming out of that rut is so tough.

This is one of the exact reasons I created The Reset. A 7-day healthy eating guide and exercise program to Reset your body and mind. You can use this over and over again anytime you need to hit the Reset button.

When I’ve hit the reset button and really focused on a week of healthy eating and exercise, I feel better, look better and my mindset shifts to keep up the focus.

Hang in there and stay focused on both exercise and healthy eating

You will see results.

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