Everything You Need for a Simple Detox Bath

Getting sick is no fun! As I get older, I realize that getting sick as a parent, even with a small head cold is REALLY no fun. Sinus and allergy problems is something that I’ve fought for as long as I can remember, finding good ways to combat them is something I’m always on the lookout for.

Exercising comes with sore muscles from time to time. A new workout or just one simple exercise change can bring on delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that is uncomfortable. A little relief is much welcomed. If your running into chronic soreness, pain and injury, go HERE for more insight!

Lastly, fresh, healthy, firm looking skin is the aging game challenge. Dry winter skin or sun kissed summer skin always looks best when it’s been treated to some extra TLC.

All 3 of these ailments can be addressed with a good soak in a hot steamy tub and a few simple products that are not only cost effective, but smell and feel oh so good!

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I’ve always been a take a shower type of person, and not much of a slow-down to take a bath and soak type of person. I still can’t tell you exactly when it started, but I know I became a big believer and have “enhanced” the experience since being pregnant with my first baby.

When we moved back to Kansas from Georgia, and started looking at houses, I became partial to thinking we needed an over-sized tub. The two houses we’ve bought in Kansas have had over-sized tubs and I am so happy they have!

Simple Products Are All You Need

I simply started only using Epsom salt in the tub to help with aches and pains. I realized that not only when I had aches and pains, there were times I’d soak and also notice I had a cold coming on or bad sinus pressure and how much this helped alleviate and sometimes get rid of the sickness. This evolved into adding a few other things to my bath to give it that extra healing power.

The Epsom salt helps detox and relax the body. I also have always liked using a sugar scrub to slough off old skin and firm up my skin as well as support a firmer, even appearance. A caution though that when you use a sugar scrub, your skin can be sensitive the next day to sun exposure.

When my sinuses are really bad, I will drop in a few drops of Easy Breazy Essential Oil Blend to add to the steam and really open my head up.

Recently I’ve started adding a little coconut oil or the SheaMoisture brand has a bath and body oil that you can add to your bath for extra moisture as well. Sometimes I opt to use these after the bath as a lotion vs soaking in them.

A good minimal 15 minute hot soak really gets you sweating and releases the toxins from your pores and fully detox your body.

When I get out of the tub I definitely feel a little drained, especially if I’ve treated myself to a glass of wine during my soak, so it’s important to drink a glass of water when you get done.

A bath like this right before bed always helps me fall right to sleep and sleep so hard, getting a great nights rest.

If you are feeling achy muscles, a little sickness coming on, or want to firm up and recondition your skin, you need to get these products and take a nice long, hot soak in the tub! Your body will thank you!

As a mom, I can’t be set back with not feeling well, and I try to keep my skin happy and healthy. This bath really does the trick.

Here’s the simple list of items you need to take an amazing bath and get great looking skin and feel great

  • Dr Teals Epsom salt: To help detox your body. I typically choose the lavender one, but you can choose from any of the types they have, and this is the brand I prefer mostly as I find it to be most cost effective
  • Tree Hut Sugar Scrub: This will make your skin look and feel amazing, the scrub takes off old dead skin, and rejuvenates your skin to help reduce the appearance of dimples, stretch marks and dullness. I soak in the Epsom salt and then do a good full body scrub before getting out.

Optional Items you may like to add

  • Coconut oil or SheaMoisture bath and body oil
  • Easy Breazy Essential Oil Blend

Lastly, I really recommend using one of the above oils when you get out of your bath or finding a really good thick lotion to put on. Tree Hut also makes a great Shea Butter. The Epsom salt may dry your skin out and after using the sugar scrub, your skin will need the moisture for the new skin you’ve exposed.

I can’t wait for you to try these ideas and to help your skin look and feel amazing!

Do you have any other things you like to add to your hot soak? Share them in the comments below!

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