Bug Away To Keep Mosquitoes and Ticks Away

It’s that time of year when the bugs are biting and the ticks are sticking! And my poor four-year-old must be considered candy to those nasty mosquitoes! My husband seems to attract the ticks!

Just this morning my oldest came to me with the cortizone cream and told me that he had been,

“eaten up by those bugs again!”

I felt so bad for him, his underwear line was covered in bites and he was so red from itching them.

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Finding a way to keep all of these pesky insects at bay took me a little time, but I’ve found the trick!

Fabulous Frannie’s Bug Away

A couple of years back I came across this Fabulous Frannie Bug Away oil on Zulily. This stuff works amazing! No ticks and no mosquitos. The small little container of it lasts us at least one or two summers.

When we lived in Georgia, the mosquito capital, we used the Outdoor Deep Woods spray and it worked great. It still does work really well. The only problem that we found with using it on our little ones was that they didn’t like the feeling of the spray on them and sometimes it was hard to keep from getting in their faces.

Fabulous Frannie’s Bug Away is applied very simply without spraying. I just put a little dot of it on a couple of places such as on the insides of our wrists, backs of our knees and around the waistband of our shorts. It can also be used in a diffuser outside to help keep bugs away.

Once it’s applied you don’t have to reapply it unless you shower or jump in the pool multiple times.

I never see a tick or mosquito bite if we have been using this stuff.

I hope you or your little ones can find some relief if you’ve struggled in finding something to keep these pesky insects away.

Let me know if you have another trick up your sleeve in keeping the mosquitoes or ticks away! I’m always looking for something new to try.

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