A Progressive Approach to a Healthy Diet

Constantly looking to cut out or restrict foods, stop eating or restricting from eating and being hungry seems to be the undying trend of losing weight. A misconception about what healthy is.

I hate to see so many people jump on the trends and band wagon of diets that do give quick results, but end up not working for the long term.

I used to be this way too. Scraping through magazines and online information to try something new. Only ending up feeling worse about myself.

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Once I found a progressive approach to making sustained changes my life has forever changed.

I finally realized that I was craving food and thinking about food more when I was restricting it. I would eat more when I would do this too.

When I finally started eating more often, nutrient dense foods, I felt better and looked better. I had the results that I wanted all along when I thought the answer was to eat substantially less.

I was less hungry in between meals because I ate food that filled me up and kept me full until it was time for me to eat again. When it was time to eat again at every 2 – 3 hours, I wasn’t starving, I was just hungry, helping me not overeat.

Where to start.

Focus on what you are eating or how often you are eating.

When I work with people who are caught up in the vicious trend cycle, the first thing we talk about is how often they eat and what types of food they are eating.

I don’t give people a list of foods to never eat. I firmly believe if you focus on eating the correct foods, you will think less about food and therefore eat less of the food that doesn’t do your body the good that it needs.

We determine where the best place to start is based on our discussion and my recommendations as well as their preference.

If the person chooses to start with how often they are eating, we don’t even touch discussion about what they are eating. We focus on just eating 5 meals a day every 2 – 3 hours.

Many times people find that they are snacking or eating inconsistently and this transition of more structured eating times tends to level out the portion sizes and/or what foods they were eating.

Then after 1 – 2 months of focusing on meal times and frequency, I provide them with a list of foods that are nutrient dense and also advise them to stop purchasing junk.

If you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it.

We talk about what they should be eating or new ideas to incorporate into each meal and progressively make positive changes.

The extra sugar or salt they were once consuming is no longer a factor due to the focus they have put on eating different more nutritious foods.  

Next steps.

Once we have more consistent routine and are consuming foods that keep us fueled for longer periods of time, we then look at portion size.

Portion sizes many times evolves over the past few months in just focusing on what you are eating and how often. This happens because your body isn’t eating what we call empty calories. It doesn’t need additional food to sustain it and you don’t over eat because your body knows when it’s going to get its next meal, not act as a forager thinking I may need to eat more now in case we don’t eat for a while later.

This can help you!

I see so many people struggle through restricting and weight fluctuations that it becomes discouraging to them.

Following this progression helps in mastering each transition so it becomes a long term change verses a quick fix. It’s much easier to stick with, and the results speak for themselves.

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