A Mom’s List of Must Have Baby Products

I’ll never forget that overwhelming, completely clueless, super excited, deer in the headlights feeling my husband and I had when we went to register at Buy Buy Baby for our first child.

Second child, Amazon, and would do it that way every time if I could turn back time.

We knew we needed a crib, we planned to cloth diaper, we would need a high chair and a pack n play.

What we didn’t know was that we didn’t need to register for all the different rash creams, toys or clothes, etc. Or that there would be SO MANY CHOICES OF EVERYTHING! 

Every single product has multiple options, brands, styles, and the list goes on! When you are registering, you don’t want to take the time to do the research right then and there. Plus you want to ask for advice from friends or family. It can become very overwhelming, very quickly.

And maybe we just got stuck with the worst registry assistant to advise us on our registry, but now looking back, I really wish I would have had a more practical list or guide to tell me what I really should have registered for.

Or maybe what I just DID NOT need to register for.

You can be sure that you will be given WAY. TO. MANY blankets. People will make them for you, or will be bought and given as gifts.

You also will be given plenty of clothes, plenty!

Some of them practical, others not so much.

Experience Tip

If your heart is completely set on having matching everything and only the things you choose and you don’t mind the hassle of returning items, there can be an advantage to putting these items on your registry.

Many times, places offer a discount on any items still on your registry that you didn’t get after your due date. 

Either way, if you have either of these on your list, I recommend scratching them off now. I know they may be the ones that YOU want and that match everything, but to be honest, as I mentioned, you are going to get a ton of other ones, so unless you want to take them back and exchange them, then just don’t worry about it.

This also helps keep people who are making purchases for you, focused on the items that are really essential. 

In my opinion, especially for the second baby, you find certain things aren’t as important to be picky about and you’d rather put the things that you really need on the registry verses the extras, so you that you get the things you need.

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Having a second child, things are really put into perspective. Now mind you, each child is different, but you will find as a mother, there are some things that hold true through each baby. Some things that you just know you need.

I had kept clothes from the first child, and also a few of the items we had (exersaucer, crib) but also got rid of many of the larger awkward to store items because we were moving half way across the U.S. and I didn’t want to have to pack them.

As soon as we knew we were having another baby, I got on Amazon and created a gift registry of the things we actually needed. Some of them were large ticket items that we were super grateful for getting.

These must have baby items are in the list below.

I encourage you to keep your list to the necessities. All of the extra baby stuff will get bought, but this helps guide your gift givers to get you the things you will really need.

  • Becoming Baby Wise actually, you should probably just buy this book while you are registering. I wish someone would have given this to me before my first child. We didn’t follow the “baby wise method” to the exact science, but it really was eye opening and so helpful to me 2 months into having a newborn at home and trying to navigate life. I even went back to this book after having my second baby and read some of the pieces of it again so that we could implement it with him.
  • Boppy – I used it for propping our babies up on more than anything else. Just to change clothes or for him to be sitting up while I did things.
  • Play Mat – at around 2 – 3 months this came in so handy! I went out and bought one when my babysitter asked if we had one she could use (mom of 3 so she knew what she was talking about) I wish I would have just put this on my registry in the first place. 
  • Exersaucer – this is like the step up from the play mat. Especially with our second baby, he wanted so badly to be up right and see what his brother was doing as soon as he could. This gives them that opportunity.
  • Ergo Carrier – Debatable, but it’s the safest and best carrier. For our first, my husband used it the most to do things like the dishes and yard work. Our first baby wanted to be held all of the time, our second, not so much. I actually used the carrier more for our second because I needed my hands to take care of our at the time 3 year old. I was worried about it on my C-section incision, but it didn’t bother it at all!
  • Disposable changing pads – sure the washable one’s were fine, but you will need a ton of them! We used the disposable ones when we’d be out running errands and then reused them until soiled on top of the cloth changing pad cover.
  • Rock n play – ok these were deemed as dangerous and may have now been taken off of the market, because people were putting babies to old that could roll over in them. But I’m going to put it on the list just in case you can find something similar. We had the rocker/sound maker and this was the only way our first baby would sleep for the first few months because of his reflux.
  • Swing – at first I was a no go on this, but now I ride the fence. I found this only good for my babies in their first 1 – 2 months. As they seemed to grow out of it quickly. But it helped keep my babies warm in those first few weeks and feel like there was something keeping them snug due to the way the seat of the swing kind of cradles them.
  • Cloth wipes – even if you don’t do cloth diapers. With our first baby we did a mix of a bottom wash spray from California baby but with my second, we just use water on the wipe. Disposable wipes tend to burn my baby’s bottoms, plus we found we saved so much money not buying disposable wipes. Go read this amazing article by This West Coast Mommy about cloth wipes, it’s everything and more that I would recommend as well! All About Using Cloth Baby Wipes
  • Destin – do not use this if you do cloth diapers, it will make your cloth diapers less absorbent. This stuff works great on rashes.
  • California Baby Diaper Cream – for cloth diapers
  • Stroller – this will be one of the most overwhelming decisions you have to make. It’s really a personal decision. We had one stroller that held our baby carrier for while they are small infants. I then ordered the jogger stroller that I used/still use the most. I wish I would have just registered for the jogger since I purchased one that can hold infants safely, verses getting the stroller that attached our infant carrier.
  • Diaper bag or larger bag for baby items while they are in diapers – so with both of our boys we used the diaper bag for when they would go to the babysitters. This was nice in that we just kept it stocked and ready to go for the next day. I keep a small drawstring bag in my over sized purse that has a small wet bag with a mesh pocket that I kept stocked for when we would go out as a family.
  • Small wet bag with mesh pocket – see above, this is also great for taking to the pool!
  • Sound machine – there is a good chance that our boys may always have to sleep with white noise on, but it has helped them since coming home from the hospital and it is part of their sleep routine. Even at nap time my littlest will go over to turn it on when he is tired. Our oldest reminds us to turn it on every night if we forget. It’s the constant for when we travel and when they go to the babysitters and take naps. It helps them acclimate to any environment so much faster. And a well-rested baby is a happy momma…and baby!
  • Monitor – you will want to see your baby, and watch the temperature in the room. There are a ton of options here too. We went with a nice one to be able to see them, but didn’t opt for the wifi ones. This is really a matter of preference.
  • Bumbo with the attachment tray – I found this very helpful with my first child. He liked to sit up on the counter in it and watch me while I would make dinner and we used it as a highchair until he outgrew it
  • High chair – again, there are so many options, we went for a simple functional one that was easy to use and served the purpose
  • Diapers – even though we did cloth diapers, we did register for these in all sizes. The key is to NOT open them until you need them. I had to take back all of our Huggies with our first one because he broke out in them, other diapers he outgrew so I could exchange for a different size. I also found that with my first baby the Honest diapers worked best for him because of his slenderer build, but with my second baby, he leaked through them because he wasn’t as small build.
  • Sleep Sack – these help keep your baby warm without putting a blanket on them and they stay “closed” verses a loose blanket swaddled around your baby
  • Swaddle with Velcro – when I was buying these, they were called the SwaddleMe brand. They are so nice to give your baby that cradling comfort they want and to be confident that they don’t pull the swaddle over their head accidentally while they sleep. Our boys both were thumb suckers so they didn’t like having their thumbs swaddled down. With these you can swaddle them under their arms too! They also come in different sizes so that you can use them as your baby grows.

I really hope you find this helpful.

With so many options for one product, and so many products available for you baby, it can become so stressful.

Many people will give you advice on what you need/don’t need.

Just remember that it’s what is best for you, your baby and your family.

Don’t get stressed out, I promise “momming” comes very natural as soon as the baby arrives.

I’d be happy to provide any questions you have about these products or anything else you want to ask as you plan for your baby. Just make a comment below or send me a private message by going to the “Join the Community”  page.

Congratulations on your little one and happy planning!

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