A Healthy Diet with Eggs

Why do eggs get such a bad reputation?!

Yes, when you decide to eat several yolks, cook them in fat, or don’t eat them in moderation, they can add to your cholesterol. When cooked and eaten in a healthy way, they are an amazing protein, healthy fat nugget of nutrition though!

The other catch with eggs is that they can be a little time consuming when you are in a hurry, depending on how you are making them. 

Finding ways to mix up your breakfast options can be difficult and getting a good healthy portion of protein and healthy fat can sometimes be even more difficult.

So today, consider an egg!

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As I mentioned, eggs are high in protein and healthy fats and they keep you feeling more full longer because of this.

I love having hard boiled eggs on hand to slice for a salad, snack or to add to my lunch.

Prepping 8 hard boiled eggs each weekend makes it easy to through them in whatever I plan for meals and snacks for the week. 

My secret to quick and easy scrambled eggs is my Tupperware egg breakfast maker. This thing is AWESOME! And even makes a gourmet scrambled egg breakfast easy to take to the office.

Prepping and Making Healthy Scrambled Eggs

The night before I will take a couple of eggs and crack them in a container, add some pepper, sometimes veggies/a little cheese, a little water, and shake that container up to scramble everything together.

If I don’t add cheese to the mixture, sometimes I will take a side of feta and sprinkle on the top.

Then I put the egg mixture in my meals bag along with the egg maker and I am set to go!

When I get to work I shake up my eggs a little more and then pour them into the egg maker and pop it all into the microwave for about a minute and a half – then BOOM! Done! And Enjoy! – who thought gourmet would could be so easy at the office!?

Eggs with Black Beans and Tomatoes 

This is another of my favorite egg recipes!

Rather than frying the eggs, just make them in the Tupperware.

If you get a Tupperware egg maker or not, I hope you consider eggs a little more often in your diet.

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